Chris Danielsen Featured show Lady Boss on Transformation Talk Radio

Chris Danielsen radio Lady Boss Featured Transformation Talk Radio

Featured show Lady Boss on Transformation Talk Radio


Chris Danielsen is an influential woman. An entrepreneur & self made business person. A woman who believes in making a difference in the world & helping others who can’t always help themselves. She never thought she would end up being one of those vulnerable women and her story is very sobering. Meaning it can happen to anyone even someone as strong as Chris. Through her own journey , overcoming many challenges, Chris is dedicated to helping others & her story needs to be heard.

Chris Danielsen brings her personal Power N Knowledge to us! Her mission, to empower and educate us. To make sure we know our worth, protect our worth and own our worth!!!

She is a mother of 3 and grandmother of two. As an entrepreneur Chris has built a few businesses including a music school, giving the gift of music, working with kids and helping them shine. Also a successful multilevel marketing company specializing in health, nutrition and skin care.


Chris is the co-founder and former CEO of Put Kids First. It was a nonprofit organization dedicated to children’s safety issues, through community involvement, education and legislation. They lobbied for the National Sex Offender Registry in Canada. Chris spent years educating herself and everyone she could about sexual predators of children after a little girl was abducted and murdered in her home town. She spent years fighting to wake up politicians to help protect our children. She soon realized that it was a lot of time wasted and needed to put the power into the hands of the parents. She recorded a CD to educate and teach parents what they could do to protect their children. She has had speaking engagements at schools, PAC’s, Rotary, public events and appeared on many news programs and talk shows.


Now Chris works with highly vulnerable people living with mental health, addiction and homelessness. Through her own experience Chris understands the effects of trauma and the need for help and understanding. She is also getting ready to launch her newest venture. Stay tuned ladies, you need to know this.

Featured show Lady Boss on Transformation Talk Radio

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