put kids first, 7 basic safety steps to help you and your children from becoming the next target of a predator which will empower you and your caregivers to keep your family safe.

The best prevention involves having somewhat difficult conversations with your child but making sure they’re age-appropriate. Also, trust your gut. Go with your instincts if anything bothers you about someone who spends time with your child. That includes the neighbor or person from church who is overly eager to help you out by babysitting or just taking your kid off your hands. Having a bad vibe is not necessarily enough to make a crime report, but it’s plenty to justify your not allowing that person access to your kid. put kids first do not let them become next target of a predator. Since we can’t always be right there with our kids, we need to know that they are always in supervised situations with trustworthy adults. Today many youth organizations have policies such as the Boy Scouts of America’s “two-deep leadership” rule, which requires at least two adults on all outings. put children first. put safety first caregivers. If your child belongs to a group with this guideline, make him aware of it so he can tell you if it’s not being used.

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Here are 7 basic steps to help you and your kids from becoming the next target of a child predator.

This is to empower you and your caregivers to keep your family safe.

This takes the power away from the predator and puts it in the hands of you and your family.


Although this was recorded a while ago it is not outdated, in fact I would make an educated guess that things are even worse. Education is power!!!