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I am Chris Danielsen (Miss Chrissy D) the man I married is not the man I Divorce. I am here to educate you, to protect you, and everything you’ve worked for because life happens Divorce. Get your PNK on! Chris Danielsen (Miss Chrissy D) helps people educate who’re going through the same situation Divorce. There’s much more to say about Chris Danielsen (Miss Chrissy D). get your PNK on!

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About Chris Danielsen

So I’m going along my married life. Like most marriages, we had our problems but through it all we loved each other. We had a family, two successful businesses, a beautiful home and a pretty nice life. It’s two days before Christmas, my favorite time of year. Decorations were up and the table was set for Christmas dinner. I took my son to basketball and to do some last-minute shopping. We pulled in the driveway. The truck, motor running, was facing the street with the passenger door open. His dad told him to get in. They argued for a minute because he didn’t want to get in, he wanted to go in and get changed now that he was home. His dad convinced him to hop in and before he even had his door shut, his dad sped out of the driveway and down the street.

I am Chris Danielsen

I walked in the house and felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach and couldn’t breathe. Something was very wrong. My heart was racing and everything was a blur. I looked around in a panic. The desk was gone from my office and everything was a mess on the floor. The dining room set was gone and everything was on the floor. I ran upstairs and found my son’s passport was gone along with money that we had raised for a charity that we were going to deliver the next day. I ran into my son’s room. His suitcase, his clothes, his hoodies and shoes were gone. What was happening? I called a friend to come over. My neighbors came over and told me there was a truck there earlier packing everything up and a locksmith was there changing all the locks. As I walked around the house I realized all the locks had been changed except the front door. If I had come home an hour later I would have been locked out of my own home.

I am chris danielsen

One year later I had lost almost everything I had ever worked for my whole life, including my kids. Here it is six years later and I have clawed my way out of the deepest darkest hole I could ever have imagined. Let me tell you, the man I married is not the man I divorced. The things you think can’t happen, can! The law that I thought was there to protect me, didn’t and might not protect you either. Although my story is extreme, and probably not something that would happen to most, I am here to educate you, to protect you, and everything you’ve worked for because life happens. We might not be able to control what other people do to us or situations that just happen but we can control how prepared we are to take care of ourselves in those situations. Let me help you be prepared. Let me help you get your PNK on!

I am Chris Danielsen